Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bennett's Day.

On Saturday we celebrated individuals with Down syndrome.
On Saturday we celebrated Bennett.
We were Bennett's Brigade and we walked for him and so many others that have Down syndrome.
We wore our "camo" attire and hats and held our banner proudly.
It was nap time for this little guy....
As well as this little girl but they stayed awake through the whole thing and were as pleasant as can be.
My dad pushed Bennett the whole way.
After the walk we enjoyed moon bounces, slides, trains, balloon animals, food, and games.
Our friends loved on Bennett and to see that just melts my heart.
Oh Bennett, we will gladly walk for you every single year because we love you so very much!
It was a good day.

Saturday we celebrated a little life, that is totally worth living.


  1. What a wonderful family !!!! A big hug from Malaysia.

  2. Love the girls in their camo (although I'm surprised it wasn't pink camo!) :)

  3. Bennett is such a cutie pie! LOVE the brigade theme totally cute!

  4. Wow! I haven't been here in ages--I can't believe how beautifully he is growing! He's totally delicious!

    So glad that you had a good Buddy Walk; it's great to share all that chromosomal love!

  5. Yeah glad your walk was a great as ours.

  6. what a great day ! I cant believe he is 16 mos already

  7. Looks like a great walk !! I just love that Bennett !! Thanx for sharing !!


  8. I love buddy walk days! Looks like Bennett has lots of love around him! Thanks for sharing I love your photos!

  9. I got a little teary on this one Adrienne. Beautiful post, wonderful pictures, amazing little boy.

  10. I have missed a lot lately! What an awesome group! Go Bennett go, we haven't made the Buddy Walk just yet, maybe next year! I will have to email you for my prep, so many cute things! XO


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