Friday, September 3, 2010

Sneaking "Therapy" In...

So our weeks are filled with various therapies- OT, PT, ST- just common practice in the Down syndrome world. But it can get to the point where you stress over it like: "Did I work with Bennett on this or that today?" So now, instead of feeling like we have to have a therapy session when we're not with our actual therapist, I just sneak it in when the timing is right and it's more like play really.

Bennett responds to music and funny noises basically. Pretty simple. He's not a huge fan of his physical therapy because you know, they make him work and all. He now gets PT twice a week- one through Early Intervention and the other private. Currently we're working on his belly muscles with the ultimate short term goal of pulling to stand-he's very close! But he's got to work on playing on his knees first. He's not usually a huge fan of this either...

"What do you want me to do now mom?" "Can't ya tell I'm kinda comfy in this big recliner?"

"Oh so you think singing a song is gonna make me sit up more on my knees, do you?"

"Hmm, I do like this song, though."

"Okay, maybe I like it enough to push up and get excited about it!"

"Hey, this is kinda fun!"

"Sing more mommy, I'm ready to listen and I'm doing what you want me to do!"

{okay, I love this one with his chubby little fingers, looking like a big boy, all eager}

"Alright, I'm tired now, enough with the itsy, bitsy spider!"

See, I just sneak it in about a million times a day here and there;) Always trying to throw "therapy" in during the simplest things-as long as he'll let me!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!


  1. I used to do stuff like that too when Kaia was little. She was pretty receptive to therapy stuff though so it was easy for me. I'm sure you know this tip already but to help her learn to pull to stand I would take the seat cushions off our couch and sit her right in front of the couch. I would show her a toy that she really really liked and then place it out of her reach on the couch. She learned to grab onto the couch and pull herself up to get the toy. Actually, now that I think about it, it wasn't a toy I used, it was a box of kleenex....her FAVORITE thing to play with. LOL. It worked.

  2. I couldn't agree more! Isn't it funny how we get our little ones to work. Landon LOVES music too, and we can pretty much get him to do anything as long as there is music in the background. I actually just did a post with Scott singing the "Up & Down" song to Landon and he did the actions all by himself. His therapists follow our blog too, to see what Landon does when they are not around. They always tell us that WE are most definitely the best therapists. We informed them of our trick, it's all in the music!!!

    Great job Bennett, keep up the good work=)

  3. I am sure that you hear this all the time, but Bennett is the cutest kid EVER. How could you not just want to squeeze his cute little cheeks. You are a truly inspiring writer and mom, I love reading your blog!

  4. wow smiles and excitement during a "pt type activity" that is awesome :) his smile is AWESOME!!! have a fun weekend!!!

  5. Oh my, these are some of the most adorable pictures I have ever seen!! I just read both posts and it's so funny how on the same page Colin and Bennett are! I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

  6. Those are adorable pictures & great way to work in a little PT.

  7. Every time I see him I'm floored by how darling he is...his chubby little hands are just so yummy! Good job on the PT...he didn't even know he was working!

  8. uuuhmmm, I could eat him!!!!!

  9. He is so adorable!

    And boy do I feel you on trying to sneak in the therapy! It's definitely been more successful for us that way and definitely more enjoyable for everyone!

  10. He is beyond cute. I could see him on the cover of some national baby magazine. Seriously. :)

  11. OH MY GOSH...he is the cutest!!! I love the pouty lip in the first picture, reminds me of my youngest! But the smiles...oh, those smiles make me melt!

  12. Oh my, he is just adorable!!! Wonderful pictures!

  13. He is the most perfect baby!!! :) God has sure blessed you and your family!


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