Monday, September 27, 2010

The Perfect Way To End Our Weekend!

So Sunday after a fantastic Buddy Walk, we had our friends Anna and her family (Lori, Jonathan, Charlie and Paige) and Colin and his family (Kelli and Chris) come over for lunch!

So nice to see these two great families!

Colin and Anna are absolutely ADORABLE!! Colin has taken off with his crawling and crawled all over the yard, patio, mulch, wherever! And Anna showed us her walking skills-awesome job Anna!
Lori with Bennett.
The two boys with us.
This sweetheart is so darn cute! She would just reach for us to hold her and hug, wave and smile. I love watching Anna do her signs for when she wants something- she knows what she wants, that's for sure!
All the kids, but wait, who's that crying on the right? Oh... it's Bennett! Yeah, he was slightly ticked and ready for a nap!
And again, not happy! Check out Anna's lip! She was a little upset with Bennett's crying :(
Colin's not sure what all the fuss is about, I think he'd just like to get back to crawling all over!
The dads with some of the kids, minus Bennett-he had to be put to bed! Chris shared Colin with Mike though;)

I'll end with this sweet, sweet picture....

If you ever get a chance to meet Colin you must ask him for a kiss!

Thanks Kelli and Chris and Lori and Jonathan for coming to visit!! Always so nice to see you guys!


  1. I love the picture with the crying and the poochy lip. LOL. It shows such personalities! (-: They are all such cuties!

  2. Love the pictures!! Rachel does the pouty lip when other kids cry around her too.

  3. Must have been some special day!! I love the pictures and the crying one are really cute and funny! Thats alot of cuteness together in one place....what more could one ask for!

  4. Oh, how sweet!! I know that pouty lip Anna was sporting only too well. LOL Are you all in the same area?

  5. Looks like a fabulous day with all your families. Love the last pic, that Colin has the best kissy face.

  6. That picture of Bennett crying has got to be one of my most favorite EVER!! So glad that you guys were able to spend a wonderful afternoon together with such adorable kiddos. I am definitely feeling a little jealous at missing out on that gathering!!

  7. Oh, so sweet!!! How is it that Bennett is so adorable even when he's crying??? Glad the walk went well!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Bennett absolutely needed a nap, glad he got one. ;-) Sweet Anna sure wasn't happy about all his fussing. lol!

  9. Beautiful memories in the making!

    Tammy and Parker


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