Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bennett Meets Anna!!

On Saturday we got to meet another blog family!! It's so funny how things happen because I was reading Anna's blog- Banana Pants and I noticed that they had pictures taken for the Littlest Hero's Project by the same photographer that we will be having in September. So I contacted Lori (Anna's mom) to see if she liked this photographer and told her that we must live close since this photographer was assigned to both of us. Turns out we were less than an hour away so we scheduled a day to meet up and what a perfect day it was!

Here's some pics from our fun visit to Anna's house...
Anna is such a sweet little girl and crawled right up to Bennett to figure him out. There was patting of the tummy, the shoes and the head-she really liked his hair:)
Lots of hugs and a few sweet kisses;)
Bennett wasn't sure how to handle all this attention from Anna.
But they got along just fine and it was fun to see a child a little bit older than Bennett (Anna is two) doing things that I'm excited to see him do one day. Anna got around just fine and was such a great eater and she knew so many signs!! I'm hoping Bennett picked up on some of her skills;)
Oh and she has the prettiest blue eyes!
Ainsley and Harper had a great time with Anna's older sister Paige, playing dress up...naturally.

It took some time but big brother Charlie came around to playing with the girls and by the end of the evening the big kids were having a blast playing "star wars" in the yard. Harper cried because she didn't want to leave;(
It was so nice meeting you Lori, Jonathan, Charlie, Paige and sweet Anna!! Thanks again for welcoming us into your home and for a wonderful evening!


  1. its always nice to make new friends. the two of them look so cute together.

  2. Great pics! I am so jealous!!! But it is so fun for those of us far away to see the pics and hear about a meet-up, at least. :) Looks like the kids had a super time.

  3. Soooo sweet!! All the kids are so adorable...sounds like they had fun!!

  4. So fun! Looks like a great time.

  5. super sweet! and very cute pictures!

  6. How FUN!!! So happy that you all got to meet in person. Isn't it funny how we sometimes just expect that everyone lives so far away. Well, "it's a small world after all" now isn't it??!! (I thought you would appreciate that reminder of Disney)!! lol

    The kids are absolutely adorable and they looked like they had so much fun!! Another memory for the "memory box"!!!

  7. adorable!!! love seeing friends together!!!!

  8. Thanks again for coming to visit us. Paige keeps asking me when is her next playdate with Ainsley and Harper...she wants to show them some more of her jewelry. Yes, believe it or not, she has more =)

  9. Those pictures are so cute!! So glad you were able to meet each other.

  10. looks like such a FUN visit - how nice that you guys can get together like that!!! :)

  11. How precious are they?! I love meeting new friends too!


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