Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Partners in Crime...

Okay so there's no crime involved but these two have been
my side kicks while running this week...
The weather has been beautiful these past two days and it makes me look forward to that first month of fall!!

Anyways, Ainsley is at vacation bible school this week so it's just these two and at first I thought it would be easier but it hasn't been. The first couple of days Harper and I had our battles...big time. She missed her older sister playing all the things they play and well, I'm starting to see how perhaps Harper really is more like me rather than Mike. She's very head strong, stubborn, gets frustrated easily and is a bit moody and I guess I am too:). My entire family (including extended) are shaking their heads "yes" after reading that sentence-LOL.

So we've survived the week but I think the things that have really made it easier and totally exciting are the new things Bennett is doing! On Monday (after my pity party in the church nursery-and thanks so much to all that commented, it really means a lot) I came in to get him in the morning and he was sitting up in his crib!! I couldn't believe it! I have no idea how he did it, he's done it one other time since and I've yet to see him do it {of course} but at least we know he can do it, right? And then he's also just started standing at his activity table for 5 minutes at a time! He's not pulling up but he wouldn't even bear weight on his legs without help last week and now he's doing it all by himself!! It's just so exciting to see him doing these things-finally! But I know like with everything that Bennett does it's in his own time.

One more thing I'm thrilled about is that he's down to 2 bottles and takes the rest in either his honey bear cup or a sippy! I'm a stickler about bottles past a year old and I've adjusted my thinking about this when it comes to Bennett but I'm just so glad he's getting the hang of the straw cup-although he won't hold it but at least he'll take his milk from another source. We're still having big issues with his self-feeding but I'm not really stressing over it since really Bennett is probably more like an 8 month old if you look at most of the things he's doing so I'm going to give it more time before I totally freak out about it.:)

So it's been interesting with just two kids but I really do feel 3 is easier! Ha! So now I'm off to have my last day of jogging with the two of them!

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!!


  1. Yeah for Bennett's super milestones this week. Aweseome!!! WOW he has been a busy boy.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That's funny, on Monday, I found Emily sitting up after I had placed her on her stomach and I have yet to see her do it either! You go Bennett!

  3. Bennett is doing amazing things! Yippee for him! Enjoy your 4th!

  4. Adrienne,
    Have you talked to your pt about Suresteps, yet? I just got them for my little guy, and they have made SUCH A DIFFERENCE in the amount of time that he can stand! And they keep his ankles straight, too, when he stands. Since we've gotten them, he can stand for twenty min. or longer and has been cruising around furniture. Yahoo!

  5. I still remember going into Rachel's rom to find her sitting in her crib. I was so excited I had to call her therapist and tell her! It was a while before I actually saw her do it too.

    I think the first couple of years are the hardest, because there is so much you want them to do and they struggle so hard to do it. I was sure Rachel was never going to walk, but at just over three years of age she did....much later than most children with Ds. She still struggles to communicate with us, but I can see her making advances slowly, but surely. With time Bennette will do it all in his own time. He WILL do it all!

  6. Wow, kuddos to you for running in the heat!

    Yay Bennett, he's doing so great! Don't you love it when they surprise you?

  7. we have that table and rachel loves it! yay for bennett!

  8. Standing at his play table for 5 minutes?!? Go Bennett (I'm a tiny bit jealous).


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