Monday, July 19, 2010

Swimmin' and Stuff...

This past weekend Ainsley decided to throw off the "swimmies" and show us what she could do. We have no idea where this came from because even with Mike and I having extensive swimming/coaching/swim instructor backgrounds, she hasn't let us really teach her how to swim. I'll try to casually teach her something and she'd rather play or say "that's too hard!" Until this day...

Again, came out of nowhere but we're very proud of her! She ended up swimming the longer length of the pool and swam over the "scary" deep water and only had to stop once! Bennett even clapped for her! Good swimming Ainsley!!!

In other news, Bennett has a double ear infection and may be getting tubes at the end of the summer. I'm actually all for it because I want him hearing to his fullest potential and he's not hearing at a normal level right now, according to the test done at the ENT's office. He has fluid in both ears so if it doesn't clear soon, he'll probably get the tubes. He's still very happy though and "talking" up a storm so you would never know his ears hurt. {Kids with DS tend to have smaller ear canals so fluid doesn't clear out at easily causing most doctors to go straight to ear tubes before it can start affecting their hearing and speech}
And in very sad news, my Aunt Allene passed away, rather suddenly over the weekend. She was my dad's oldest sister and will be missed terribly. I have such fond childhood memories of my Aunt Allene and staying at her house on the lake with cousins during the summer. One of the most caring and fun loving women I know. I could go on an on about all the sweet little memories I have at her house and of her. She really was a special lady.
We love you Aunt Allene and we'll miss you so, so much.

I also want to ask you all to pray for Bennett's buddy Parker- he is just 2 days younger than Bennett and will be having his open heart surgery tomorrow. His mom's blog is Parker's Purpose so if you get a chance, please leave an encouraging comment and let them know you're saying a prayer for their sweet boy. Thanks so much!!!!


  1. YEAH Ainsley, that was awesome swimming.
    So sorry to hear about Bennett's ears hope they clear up fast, thankful he isn't acting like it is painful
    I am truly sorry about your aunt. Prayers for your family as you deal with this loss.

  2. first of all - i am so sorry to hear about the unexpected loss of your aunt allene! that is so sad for you and for your family and all who knew and loved her!!!
    on a different note - WOW! look at Ainsley go - as if she has been secretly practicing without you and mike. you can tell she's a "natural". is that pool in your back yard??? if so - SO JEALOUS!!! way to go ainsley!!! :)

  3. so much going on :) Way to go Ainsley!! I am so sorry to hear about your aunt, my prayers go out to you and your family. So sorry to hear about B's ears, but tubes will def. make a difference, they sure helped William.

  4. Way to go, Ainsley! Will you come teach my kids?
    Sorry to hear about your Aunt. Many prayers for your family.
    And, Prayers for Parker and of course, continued prayers for little Bennett =) We go back to the ENT this week - we shall see if tubes are in our future or not as well.

  5. Micah and Ty say, "wow, look at Ainsley!"
    Seth and Lex say, "Yeah Ainsley!" (claps, high-fives all around....)
    Aunt Alexa is looking forward to big hugs even though on sad occasion Wednesday.

  6. Thank you Adrienne for all of your sweet comments on my blog and for thinking and praying for Emily. Way to go Ainsley on the swimming!


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