Thursday, March 11, 2010

Straws and Biscuits and Throw Up, OH MY!

Bennett's been working on some new things...

Like the Bitter Biscuit. Hmm, not too sure about this thing...

Yumm, I kinda like this.

Now, what is this mom?!
Hmm, different but not bad. (Yes, still waiting on the honey bear cup but this works great too and it's cheap!) I can squeeze up the liquid for him to get a taste just like the HBC!
After a while though this is the face I got, I think he was telling me he's had enough of that.

Bennett's also been working on a his first tooth! Can you see it?! (Please ignore the bitter biscuit that is smeared all over!) I think I may have written that I thought his first tooth was coming in on the top, back when he was 8 months because of a little white dot I saw, well that white dot is still there. Not sure what that is but this is definitely a tooth!

And with teeth comes slobber!
This is his "I'm all done with the picture taking mom" face.

***Okay, after I posted all these pics, later in the evening we went to swim lessons for Ainsley and in all 9 months of Bennett's life I think he's maybe thrown up once. Wouldn't you know he threw up all over himself, me and the pool deck, twice!****

And do you think I had any extra clothes for him, of course not because he never does that! I don't know if he's ever pooped up his diaper before-this kid is just low maintenance. So he just sat on my lap in his diaper and the second time he barfed it just went on me and the pool deck. Nice.

So do you think it was the juice (very diluted but it was the first time he had it-only sips though) or the bitter biscuit-which he only nibbled on? He slept for 2 hours before the whole barfing ordeal and seemed fine and he seems okay today. I tried to offer him his bottle at the pool but he pushed it away and then 10 minutes later that's when he started to throw up. It was a sight to see, let me tell ya.

Anyways, has anyone else had this kind of reaction with juice or do you think it's just a stomach bug??


  1. I'm guessing that it was neither the juice nor the biter biscuit since he didn't have enough to really upset his stomach. Colin did something similar about 2-3 weeks ago. All of a sudden he was not interested in his bottle at all, kept pushing it away, wouldn't hold it on his own, etc....he was also "spitting up" more than normal (I think it was definitely borderline throwing up since he doesn't spit up anymore) and didn't have much of an appetite. Shortly after that, Chris and I had a bad case of the stomach bug. Fortunately, that was the extent that Colin had it and then was fine a few days later. I hope that whatever it is, he feels better!

  2. Adrienne,

    We have this problem with Lucas but it is with oatmeal. If he has any oatmeal he will throw up until it is completely out of his system. (It took two times for us to figure this out.) Since both items were new, maybe try them separately and see if he has a reaction. My guess would be the biscuit if he already has fruits in his diet. It could also be caused by teething. I hope he feels better soon, it's no fun to throw up.

  3. Oh no! I swear those biter bisquits stay CRUSTED to the kids' faces. Why do they make them so messy!? I bet he his stomach just didn't take the juice well. Even though it was just a little bit, if it was mixed with biter bisquit and/or milk from his previous bottle, it just might not have combined well. Just my opinion! :) I think you would definitely be able to tell a difference in his personality/demeanor if it was a stomach bug.

    I cannot believe you didn't have a change of clothes! ;) (Totally kidding!) I was so much more relaxed with Landon that I did the same thing because he was so low maintenance. I can only imagine the third baby!

  4. I'm not laughing ... honest.
    I don't think those things should make him throw up. and that's not how he should react if he has an allergy. we are hosting that nasty noro virus at our house , maybe he has a touch of that. i know Emmie never gets as sick as the rest of us. It's usually just a very slight case and she's usually fine much sooner.
    The photos are adorable!

  5. Even if it wasn't the juice or biscuit, I would stay away from them for a couple days and then try them separate. We had the same thing a couple weeks ago and it just so happened that I got a different brand of yogurt! I got rid of it and went back to our regular brand the following week and she has been fine. But the stomach bug went around our house too right after.

  6. Carly had a bout of some sort of bug. Out the other end! It was only once. It happened during the night, while she was sleeping. Granted...she did show signs of a tummy ache, but I NEVER dreamed she would go #2 during her sleep. It was awful. She seemed a bit off the next day, but not too bad. Then her nose started getting nasty(ier). Turns out, she was diagnosed with strep throat. Our doc thought that could have been the culprit of her messing her pant in her sleep.

    FYI...the nurse told me the other day, there are TONS of bugs going around. Some last only a short time and others are dragging on.

  7. I've never had that reaction to the biscuits or juice, but I did get thrown up on today at Target - and of course, I didn't have any wipes with me :)

  8. cutie with a tooth!

    I wouldnt think that would make him sick since he had so little

    BTW where do you get the initial for the shirts (if you don't mind sharing) I was thinking about doing a couple for William on his plain t shirts this summer....on second thought I may not, just an idea right now lol

  9. Clayton is 2 and can't tolerate juice at all. Even diluted juice just runs right through him. He never vomits with juice but it's the other end that gets all the action. At least Mr. B is feeling well today. He's such a cutie and those faces are over the top.

  10. Oh gosh! I just have to comment on how cute he is in those close up photos!!!

  11. Hopefully it was just a fluke. They are so good at doing things like that only when you don't have a change of clothes.

  12. love his little tooth poking out! That was Marissa's 1st tooth too!!

    As for the whole barfing incident. It's probably just a fluke. He probably just had a little upset stomach. I highly doubt it was the juice or biscuit. ...I sure do like that tip @ the cup you're using with him. I haven't been able to talk myself into buying the honey bear. It's good to know there's another option. :-)

  13. First, it looks like he is doing a great job with the rubbermaid juice box. I used water only until about 12 months old, but I bet it's a little stomach bug. That's my guess. Jack got sick all over me a few weeks back. I think it's going around...everywhere.

  14. Oh, those biter biscuits are so messy and they dry and are crusty on their skin and ugh! lol. Hmm, not sure on the vomit ... I'd guess the juice did it, but I've never had that experience before either. Maybe he couldn't handle the sweet taste? Or ya know, stomach flu is going around!


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