Friday, September 28, 2012

Falling For Fall...

Haven't we all fallen for fall?  Such a nice time of the year!  I pretty much like to change things up every year so this year while I was cleaning the garage out I noticed our old wheelbarrow that had a flat tire.  I thought to myself- Oh I'm totally using this!  And I did....

It's the perfect prop for all my pumpkins and fall decor!  I got the little tin can idea with the house numbers from pinterest but I can't find the pin!  Anyways I got the cans from Michaels, painted a circle, painted some dots around it, and then used stencils for the numbers. This is really an easy project and fun! 

Ahh, the chevron pumpkin.  It's not as easy as it looks.  There are some tutorials out there and maybe it's just me but I find it very hard to paint zig zags on a round object-taping doesn't seem to help but it turned out good enough;)  I love painting pumpkins though!

The other funky, white pumpkins with the stripes came that way and I got them at Harris Teeter.

Fun burlap wreath!  I'm trying to get a video tutorial up because I find that some of the tutorials I found were only pictures and they don't really explain how to do it.  It's easy once you get the hang of it though and then you can just hot glue things onto it or stuff things in it.  For the "D" I just got the letter from Michaels and traced it onto chevron fabric then used adhesive spray to stick it onto the letter.  I hot glued it and also used clear ribbon to secure it.

More painted pumpkins!

So I painted my door black and I find it funny that I got so many comments about the previous color in my "Let The Decorating Begin" post.  That was the color before we moved here so I don't know the name of it but I felt like my wreaths weren't "popping" (especially burlap wreaths because of the similar color) so I painted it black but now I think I want to paint it a fun blue.  Don't worry, not turquoise!;)

And more painted pumpkins!!  They were bright orange last year and I went with more of a silver, gold theme for the front door so this was an easy change.  Just sprayed them and added the polka dots.  That door mat is from Target btw.

I ♥ fake candles!

These cute bins are from Tuesday Morning.

So this was fun to make.  The white frame is from Michaels (I sprayed it white), you can find them in the wood section, then I found the chalk board paper at a store called Archivers, I then hot glued the chalk board paper unto burlap, glued the burlap onto the back of the frame and you have a very simple chalk board!  I made the little banner out of burlap, jute string, scrap paper and letter stickers.  Ignore my terrible handwriting;) I wish I had better handwriting.

One other fun thing I added to my decor this year and I will definitely be using more of this for Halloween and Christmas is the deco mesh stuff!  I love it!  Have ya'll tried it?  Lots of fun to work with- you can get it at any craft store in all sorts of colors.

So this weekend is a great time to get out your fall decor and start decorating!  Fall for Fall if you haven't already! Pin It

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  1. how cute is your yard and porch? I love it!!! I wish our homes in CA had that kind of character....your style just makes your curb appeal amazing!

  2. I just found your blog through Pinterest, its great! Wow, this is amazing, I love the silver polka dot pumpkins. My daughter has a little kids wheelbarrow that she never uses so I think I might use it on our door step, and our house is smaller than yours so it will work! ;)
    Anyway, thanks, I'm a new follower!
    God bless you and your precious family!


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