Thursday, September 20, 2012

Decorating With Turquoise....

So my current favorite "splash of color" would have to be turquoise/aqua/teal/robin's egg blue.  There are so many variations of this fun blue!  

A while back I decided the dining room needed a change.  It was boring and too traditional.  The brass chandelier was not cutting it for me and while I wanted to purchase a whole new one, other big purchases were made so the chandelier was put on hold.  But I couldn't stand it anymore.  It made me cringe every time I walked by it so I got my paint brush out and went to town...

Here she is, in all her glory... my turquoise chandelier.  Oh how I love her so.  She just needed a little face lift.  Brass be gone!  I added some shades and did a little Pottery Barn knockoff with the jute string around the shades.  {Just hot glue folks!}

A closer look.

I also took down the white blinds and added bamboo shades and since I had extra fabric from the porch makeover I made some curtains. I discovered some chevron fabric in the attic and added some pillows (you can see them in the first picture).  Just nice little pops of turquoise-takes a more formal/boring room to a new level.

Another shot- you can see that I carry the turquoise into the play room-I'm crazy for turquoise!

How could I forget?  We must see a before!  So here's your before. So much better don't ya think?

Here's some more turquoise- these lamps were a grayish blue {from Lowes} and while they were nice I wanted them to be funkier.  The shades are from Lowes too.  I'm telling you, Lowes has stepped it up in the decorating department!  {This little table by the way gets a whole new look in an upcoming blog post...stay tuned!}

Yep, I would have to say my decorating style is Traditional/Funky with a tiny bit of Shabby Chic.   Totally made up.  Because I'm not modern, not contemporary, not totally traditional.  And too much shabby chic scares me because I'm a neat freak and shabby chic can look sloppy if it's over done, in my opinion.

Traditional /Funky with a tiny bit of Shabby Chic;)

Anyways, more turquoise decor in the playroom!  {Mirror from Tuesday Morning} {Chevron curtains from etsy}

And I went a little crazy and painted the back of the cabinets in the kitchen as well as those 4 knobs.  Again, traditional/funky;)

So what's your decorating style?  Wanting to change it up?  Go for it!  Pick a fun color and run with it! Pin It


  1. So cute! I'm on a light blue kick myself!

  2. Everything looks great. I have no style what-so-ever! But you inspire me to find one.

  3. Looks so GREAT! I am on a turquoise kick as well. My favorite. Were those plantation shutters that you took down? That’s what I have on every window in my house and would love to switch up for a little change but my husband doesn’t agree, “You don’t get rid of plantation shutters."

  4. Wow! Looks like something out of a magazine!! Love it!!

  5. please tell me you do this for a living because if you don't, you really should. you have such great tastes and come up with things that i would never think of!

  6. Love it, if you are ever in my area you will have to come makeover my home! I know what I like, but I definitely lack follow-through!

  7. When can I move in! LOL! Love it!!!

  8. My decorating style is "keep away from Max"! - ha! Love your style much more ;)

  9. Fun, fun, fun! I can't tell you how many yards of Chevron we have sold in the store lately.


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