Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bennett's first day of school!!!

So today he's actually there without me, all day long;(  But yesterday we got to go in, meet the other kids and their parents, take pictures, let the kids meet.  It was really so cute!  So of course I had to take lots of pics, here are just a few;)...

My little man!
Little snuggle with mommy before we go!
Okay let's go!

Totally ready to go in;)  Oh my goodness can you believe this is Bennett??!  Just strutting right in!
Notice the lip, not so fond of sharing right now;0
Loving all the new toys!
Trying really hard to share;)
Just making his way around the room...but really I had to show you his cute belt.  I mean the kid had to look good on his first day;)

Here's just a short video right before we went in...

Sigh.  He's really in school now.


  1. Oh, that bottom lip!! I know that look so well!!! LOL He is SO precious - love the video. Can't believe he's going to school already - he looks so grown up! Hope he has a fantastic day. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! My heart could just explode from the cuteness of this little guy!! He is precious beyond words.

  3. I can't believe he is in preschool, I can't believe Emily is in preschool! Love the belt and of course the video too :-)

  4. What a doll!! I bet his teachers are going to be putty in his hands =) Hooray for Bennett!!!

  5. He is adorable, glad things are going well!

  6. He is sooo adorable and hands down the BEST dressed boy at school!

  7. I bet he was not only the best looking kid in class, he was the best/coolest/hippest dressed kid too! Congratulations to all of you! Big day and so bittersweet!

  8. What a "moment"! Thank you for sharing with all of us. And yes, he is quite a dapper looking little man.

    On a side note...have you already done your fall decorating. Are those pumpkins on the porch?

  9. What a momentous occassion. Thank you for sharing with all of us. And yes, Bennett is quite the dapper looking little man.

    On another note, have you already done your fall decorating? Are those pumpkins on your porch?

  10. Love that boy~ the video is priceless! Happy schooling, Bennett! From one of your biggest fans. ;)


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