Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Settling In....

It's been a long time coming but we're finally in our house!!  Now, just so you know, the house is full of boxes on the inside...like the upstairs is a total mess.  But I couldn't help myself on the outside {besides, ya'll know by now that I live for this stuff}....

I have been wanting to decorate a front door so badly I couldn't stand it! 

Pinterest inspired me yet again with these stacking pumpkins!
 I saw the witch hats in Michaels and knew they had to be decorated-they were a little "hotel activity";)  
Oh, how I love decorating for fall!  It's probably a really good thing that we don't have a big porch with this house because I know I'd be out there for a week going crazy with decor.  I'm thinking of painting these pumpkins with some funky patterns, hmmm.  Ooh wait, there's a little boy in the background, let's take a closer look....

Why it's Bennett!!  My little love!

He's got a little cold or sinus thing going on but he'll still smile for his mommy...

I think he's a little confused as to where the heck we are because we've been all over the place for the last 2 months but he has all his toys back so he's happy.

I can't believe how blessed we've been so far with the neighbors!  Turns out that next door there is a 7 year old and she was in Ainsley's class before Ainsley got switched to the new class.  So on the day we moved in, they instantly recognized each other and have been playing ever since!  Back and forth to each other's house, like they've been friends forever!  Harper has a great time playing too!   It is wonderful!  And the little girl's parents are sooo nice!  

{terrible pic-sorry} Harper has made very fast friends as well with her new BFF Lily Kate!  So much so that they both cry now when it's time to end play dates and go home-lol.  I just couldn't be more pleased right now with how the kids are adjusting.  And to think I was so anxious about it all...I should not be anxious!

*Therapy Update*  Therapies for Bennett are starting!  Speech was today and he has his first PT session tomorrow!  I'm very excited to meet his new PT and what's really cool is that the therapist has a 3 year old with Down syndrome!  We'll see how B reacts to a man being his therapist.  I'm interested to see because he usually responds very well to men!

So I promise I'll share inside house pics but of course I have to get it just how I like it....and I've got plans so it could be a while;)

Edited** ended up painting the pumpkins!  Bad cell phone pic but I like how they turned out...

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  1. Your new house is so beautiful! I love it! so glad to hear you are all settled into your new place, finally hey?? Wow that was a long haul! Can't wait to see the inside!
    Great pics of the kiddos, too :)

  2. You take your time inside :) No rush now that you're in your own home. So happy that the kids are adjusting well. Bennett looks like such a BIG kid, so grown up. Good luck with everything :)

  3. your house looks AWESOME on the outside :) i know you still have lots of work on the inside... it sounds like it could not be a better start to your new chapter in your new home :) so happy for you guys!!!

  4. Yay for the new house & friends.
    Can't wait to see the inside.
    Bennett is so cute , I have missed you.
    Happy for everything.
    Take care

  5. Beautiful! And we could not ask for a better BFF for our Lily Kate! We love ya'll and are SO glad to have you back! And you don't give yourself enough credit...the house looks amazing...especially since you moved in only a few short days ago! XOXO P.S. Bennett looks so grown up in these pictures! Tell him Ms. Susan will be over soon to bring him some yogurt! ;)

  6. Love the porch and yard! Hope Bennett likes his new therapies. Alaina took a break during our move and was happy to start back. I think the novelty has worn off at this point though as she's constantly waving bye to the therapist. Maybe we'll see you at the buddy walk?

  7. what a beautiful house and I love the pumpkins out the front, they look great. You are so lucky to have friends for the older girls already, what a blessing. Hope Bennett feels better soon.- Viv (Owens mum)

  8. Love that you got the porch decorated first! So great that your new neighborhood seems to be a great fit for your cute family.

  9. your new house looks spooktacular ")

    Heather from Ontario Canada

  10. Stumbled across your blog by way of Susan Wilkinson's fb. Pretty sure your PT is Brian G. if you live anywhere near WF. He is GREAT! He has helped my son A LOT! Your family is beautiful! :)

  11. Love your new house. Those painted pumpkins are adorable! Love the wirches hats too.

  12. Your home is gorgeous! Bennett is a cutie!

  13. Beautiful entry - I love it all and can't choose one favorite thing! I hope you enjoy your lovely new home. Take care.

  14. Your porch looks very inviting!

  15. I just saw your post on Wow Us Wednesdays! What a beautiful home!! LOVE your blog! So glad I found you!! Your outdoor decor is just gorgeous!! I just posted mine, as well! Come take a peek! I can't wait to read your future posts! I am your newest follower. I hope you will follow back! God bless you!!


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