Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last weekend we went back to the same pumpkin patch we took the girls to when they were just babies.
I can't believe how much they've grown. I'll have to share those pics another time.  

The pumpkin patch was just as we remembered only this time someone lost a tooth, someone got stung by a bee and someone ate a cheerio {possibly two}. 

Ainsley, Harper, Bennett.  

All events were quite dramatic in their own little way {to have a video of it all would be priceless and hilarious}, just another day in our crazy but wonderful life...

Once we got home I realized I didn't take any pictures of just the kids together.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some pics on our new porch for the first time...

Silly kids.  I ♥ them.

And yes, Bennett was sporting an awesome pumpkin hat;)



  1. Beautiful pics & I love all those pumpkins !!
    Hope your all doing great.

  2. Such talent to balance all those pumpkins on his head!

    Glad you are settling in and enjoying your new surroundings.

  3. Love the pics, especially the silly kiddos! Sounds like you had an eventful time at the pumpkin patch ;)

  4. your children are so beautiful! and i love your hair too! looks like it is already gorgeous fall time in the NC. :)

  5. Sweet pictures! And have to say how excited I am for someone eating cheerios.....big things! :)


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