Monday, July 18, 2011

Colin & Bennett

What a great way to end a weekend- a trip to the beach and a visit with Colin!

Since we're moving soon, Kelli and I wanted to get the boys together (but it may not be the last time...more on that later!) and the beach was the perfect gathering! Kelli and Chris live over an hour away from us (very close to the beach though) but we've really enjoyed getting to know them and it's crazy how much Bennett and Colin have in common. While they have totally different personalities, they are like two peas in a pod when it comes to other things.

Pretty comfy looking ride, huh?;)

Over the last year or so Kelli and I have emailed, texted or called each other with the boy's feeding issues as well as others things. I think we've both been a "shoulder to cry on" for each other at some point. It's nice to know when someone is going through the EXACT same things that you are and is there to help or to just let you vent;)

It was the perfect day for the beach and to see Colin in what has to be his favorite place, was a treat...

This kid LOVES the beach and I couldn't believe how he just crawled right into the waves! Colin has the cutest personality and as Kelli has mentioned on her blog, his favorite word right now is "NO" and it is hilarious how he says it so quickly and clearly, no matter what you ask him.

"Colin, can I have a hug?"-"NO."
"Can I have a kiss?"-"NO." {But then he gives you one anyway!}
"Hi Colin!"- "NO." lol

The boys, over a year ago when we first met Colin at the beach.

I mean, seriously? How cute were they?!

And now at 2 years old!

This may have been the only picture I got of Bennett smiling while in the sand or near the water. This is where Bennett and Colin are nothing alike...

B was not happy and at this point just wanted to be held. Colin just wanted to crawl back into another wave or plop himself on someones sand castle.;) But to give B a little credit, the last time he was at the beach with a huge ocean was when we met Colin last year. Maybe with a little more time, he'd come to like it...maybe??

After we had enough of torturing Bennett we brought him back up to the blanket and he was MUCH happier....

Playing a nice game of catch!

Ainsley sure does love Colin!

Back at the house for kid pics! Kelli's parents had the cutest house near the beach and were so nice to let us descend on their peaceful place for a few hours!

Can't forget Miss Kailey!! She is the most pleasant baby! She literally squeals with delight...loudly-ha! And yes, her eyes are crystal blue like her brothers-gorgeous!

So while this would most likely be our last time seeing Colin and family (at least for a long time), guess who lives in North Carolina??! Kelli's brother! And not only does he live in NC, he lives in the same town we're moving to!! So surely these boys will continue to see each other!

When we first met Colin I really hoped he and Bennett could be good friends one day. And now, even though they will be well over a day trip away, I think that can still happen. Thankfully we can still check in on Kelli, Chris, Colin and Kailey through their blog and Kelli and I can exchange feeding tips...if we have any!;)

Thanks again for another great time at the beach Kelli and Chris!

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  1. What cuties! I am cracking up seeing Bennett's "Surf Life" shirt on while he cringes about being in the sand! Friends that can relate mean the world! So glad you all got to visit!

  2. Yay for keeping good friends!

  3. That is some SERIOUS cuteness!!!

  4. love. wow. Addison's trying to climb over me to get to the screen faster to investigate those two cute little fun.

  5. Way too much cuteness going on there ;)

  6. everything about this post makes me HAPPY!!
    i love these families!!

  7. What a great hope for a friendship and the 2 of them together... heart breakers! Such cute boys!

  8. That's really sweet. Very precious. My heart just melted a little ??

  9. Oh goodness!!! Look how handsome those boys are! What a fun day at the beach! =)
    And how great that Kelli's brother lives in NC so you can continue to visit - Can't wait to watch these boys grow up together =)

  10. Adorable Pictures of those two! Wish I could personally meet you both!


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