Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 Weeks....

Has it been that long?? Just about!

So we went on a little trip and did lots of fun things like.... new cousin Elle for the first time! {Mike's brother's baby} She's five months old and she's a doll! My sister-in-law has her dressed in dresses every day (so I'm told) and as soon as she gets enough hair, the bows will be going in! Love it!

We're very excited to be moving so close to Brian, Lauren and Elle!
Grandma came to help with the kids while Mike and I looked at houses! Ainsley was with my mom for the week at VBS so Harper got Grandma all to herself;)

Let's just say this picture was very hard to take-between Bennett doing his classic "smile arms"- (he holds them up every.single.time. I say "smile!" and Olive {the dog} barking at Bennett, I was lucky to get this one. I think Brian was about to kill Olive.So of course we looked at houses-one of my favorite things to do!! This is not one that we are considering but there are lots I fell in love with and I've got big plans for one in particular...sooo bad because it could totally be gone by the time we are ready to purchase but you know me!

After house hunting we went back to my mom's house to celebrate the 4th of July like we do every year. Of course without my dad there it wasn't the same. I think my dad lived for the 4th of July week when his two girls and their families came. There would be lots of cooking, playing, lounging, swimming, story telling, setting off illegal fire works;). It was the best.

But even though my dad wasn't there I could still feel his presence. I looked over at an empty rocking chair on the porch where my dad always sat with his dog and and glass of wine and I could still see him sitting there with us. He was there. He'll always be with us.

The girls were so excited to see each other after being apart for a week. Both cried when they had to separate, it was so sweet so when they got to play again, they played and played hard!

My sweet girls with their sassy summer hair cuts:)

Bennett got to go on the jet ski for the very first time! But this was as far as it went. I'm not ready to let my tiny boy out on that thing!

He did look handsome though in his life jacket that his older cousins have worn in years past.

Harper has become EXTREMELY protective over Bennett lately and lets me know when he is even close to, maybe, just possibly in any kind of danger;) She's also become quite fearful of things though ie: the jet ski, bugs, deep water, fireworks, sparklers, dogs, thunder, lightening...yeah, she's becoming just like I was at her age. Lovely.

We had a nice 4th and for the very first time I got a picture of all 3 kids standing with each other!! For some reason I have wanted to get a picture like this and was thrilled when Bennett decided that he would cooperate. You know it's about if he wants to do it. Bennett can do anything as long as it's his idea;)

So that's where we've been- PA, VA, NC and then back to VA and then PA!

The house is on the market, it's super clean and I'm loving it. Yes, it's hard to maintain but for this short time in my life I've got a clean and organized house and I'm going to enjoy it!

HUGE thanks to my mom for keeping Ainsley for the week and for Mike's mom coming to help with Harper and Bennett!! We love you guys!

Back to our "normal" routine for now and praying that our house sells fast!

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  1. Awwww...your kids look so adorable!! Love the girls' haircuts. Looks like a nice couple of days!

  2. Exciting! You are so brave to be showing your house while you live there. It's like my worst nightmare! It is nice to have motivation to clean though. Hope you guys find an awesome house. We are constantly on the hunt in Cary, just too indecisive to commit. Good luck! The kids looked adorable in their 4th outfits!

  3. Sounds like a busy week! I bet you're getting excited to make the move. And, of course, everyone's cute as always! I really like the picture of all three kiddos on the water's edge- so sweet!

    Tell your SIL that a little bit of KY Jelly (yes, I'm serious- it's NICU approved, lol) will keep a little ribbon hair bow in wonderfully well. And since it's water-based, it washes out easily. We, apparently, specialize in... follicle-ly challenged girls, and by golly, you get desperate... ;)

  4. I LOVE the girls' sassy new summer dos!! Sooo cute! Sounds like you are enjoying the craziness of this summer! Our house is on the market, too. I like the challenge of keeping it nice and orderly all the time, but it is not easy!

  5. I love the pics! So much fun.
    Love it. -erin

  6. Beautiful pictures Adrienne! Glad you all are keeping busy and having fun too. Good luck selling your house. We've been trying for a month with no takers, hopefully soon!

  7. Such great pictures! Glad you had a happy 4th!

  8. Best photo ever of your 3! I LOVE love it. Your kids are so gorgeous!


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