Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"What's the big idea?"

This is Ainsley's new saying lately. We have no idea where she has gotten this from. It's just not a saying we say. We asked her where she got it from and she said from herself! We informed her that this saying has been around for quite some time now but she insists that she made it up herself. She even says it in the correct context. Like, Harper will take something from her and she says "Hey, what's the big idea??" Too funny! The more I think about it I think she may have picked it up from the Noggin show "Franklin". The one with the turtle- for those moms of young kids. I can see Franklin saying something like this. It's not a saying that particularly bothers me unless she says it rudely to someone of course. But if I know Ainsley, if I ask her not to say it anymore, she will test me and say it more! When she was around 2 years old she picked up a saying that we did not like at all -"Oh my God!" Again she said it in the correct context- imagine in a little two year old voice saying this in response to something that surprised her- she sounded like a 15 year old! I will admit it was amusing but of course I did not laugh because like I said this is not a saying we approve of! So for months we worked on saying "Oh my goodness" instead and she got better but she loved to test me and whisper it ever so softly. I guess this is where they get the saying- "Kids say the darndest things";0


  1. Funny...can't wait until Lily is coming up with that kind of stuff.

  2. IT is so true...kids do say the darnest things...I totally know the Franklin episode...that is funny...


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