Friday, January 16, 2009

I met the two children with DS today!

So we went to Barnes and Noble today with Renee and Ellie again and there they were, the two children that I spotted back in November before I found out about our baby. They have Down syndrome (DS) and by the way in case you were wondering- it is proper to write it like Down syndrome- not sure why- I read it somewhere. Anyways, once again the little boy was clapping when it was time to clap, roaring like a lion when it was time to roar and spinning around when it was time to spin. I think I and most people that don't know, totally underestimate these children with DS. I introduced myself to their moms when it was over and they answered so many questions and seemed very happy despite some of the challenges they have been through.

One thing I was really surprised about was how small they really were. They were both the size of Harper (20 months) and would soon be 3! So again, Ainsley has prepared us in that way with another pint size baby but the great thing is that they don't grow out of their clothes as fast! The little girl had some medical issues in the past that made me worry a little but I'm really just trying to take this day by day. I can't worry about something that isn't here yet so I'm blocking any negative thoughts out!

Special thanks to my friend Jen Berry, who I recently met, for getting the contact info. from these moms last week, which gave me the courage to go up to them today since we had already emailed eachother. Thanks Jen! So glad I know you!

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