Friday, January 23, 2009

I had a positive dr. appt. experience!

It was uneventful, normal and no drama! We listened to the heart beat and Ainsley asked if that noise was Bennett kicking my belly:) I guess she really wouldn't be familiar with the sound of a heart beat at this age. But things looked good and I still really like this doctor. He didn't act any different and I asked him if he's delivered babies with DS and if they had to go to the NICU and he said he has and most went home right away. So that was encouraging to hear. Of course we won't know what will happen until he gets here but it's nice to hear that these babies can go home without any problems.

We went to Target afterwards and of course Ainsley wanted to get some clothes for Bennett! I got a couple of PJ's for him but I'm still having a hard time really getting into boy's clothes! I'm excited to have a little boy but after having two girls and going crazy with all their cute clothes it's just so hard to not want to gravitate towards the baby girl clothes! If anyone has any suggestions of cute boy clothes- web sites, stores, whatever, please let me know!!


  1. Polo.Com. Cute boy clothes and thats all Jt wears. Only buy On Sale items. You cxan get sweater vestes for $16 right now. Plain simple long sleeve shirts for $14. Not too rediculous. i love the different coloered ponies and he has some cute shoes form there too. They do run a size small. Newborns, you get 3 months. At 3 months, get 6 months and so on. Glad things went well at the doctors.

  2. has some really cute boy clothes. It's very hard to buy boy clothes. They are not as cute as girls and their selections are so minimal! Boys are just messy though Adrienne, so get ready! ;)

  3. I'm so happy that your doctor's appointment went smoothly. What a good feeling that must have been.

    As for boy clothes (and I'm pretty picky about what my two boys wear - no "themes" or characters for us.) I've had good luck with baby gap, children's place and old navy (for the basics - polo style shirts, sweaters, cords, jeans.) My new discovery has been H & M kids. I'm in love with their striped t-shirts. Almost forgot - Hanna Andersson, for jammies (again, stripes seem to be my vice...)

    While it isn't as exciting as shopping for girls, there are still plenty of fun things to discover! Happy shopping!


  4. Hi Adrienne ... I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. Someone pointed me in the direction of your blog. :) I have two girls with Down syndrome, one of which we just adopted from Russia. Our bio daughter, Payton, is 3, and our adopted daughter, Addison, is 2. I also have a 5 year old son.

    I know you are experiencing a wide range of emotions right now ... all of us had those same emotions. It is completely normal. I did not have an official prenatal diagnosis, although I had markers that the doctor's kept sweeping under the rug. Of course I didn't sweep them under the rug and I just knew ... I just knew.

    I see you mentioned Downsyn...I used to post on there A LOT ... LOL ... but I've sort of been AWOL lately. Anyway, Downsyn is a great resource and it carried me through these first few years. I've learned so much from the parents there and I've met some of my best friends there.

    You are about to embark on an AMAZING journey, for which you will thank God one day. That might be hard to understand right now, but mark my words. I know as a new parent with a new diagnosis, it is hard to understand it though. I was just talking to some fellow DS mommies last night about this ... 5,000,000 people could have told me not to worry, that it would get better, but until you have lived it yourself, you don't believe it. I'll say it ... it DOES get better. Things get easier. But what you are experiencing right now is the hardest part. :(

    Please know I'm here to chat anytime. Hooking yourself up with other DS mommies will be your saving grace...I promise you that. My blog is always there for perusing too if you like. :)

    Blessings on your unborn baby. He will touch more lives than you ever thought a human soul could touch. He will touch your heart in places your never thought it could be touched. You just wait ... I PROMISE. :)

  5. Adrienne, I also had a prenatal diagnosis and my beautiful amazing boy is now 3 1/2. I chose him then and knowing what I know now, I would choose him again and again, but now without the tears. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. I think the toughest part of the pregnancy medically is that the doctors have to tell you every possible negative outcome to cover themselves. They had me scared to death BUT my boy didn't spend one second in NICU. He went home after 5 days (and only that long because of jaundice). The toughest part otherwise was well-meaning people giving advice about something they've never experienced and with which they have little to no familiarity. I agree with Bethany that reaching out to other mothers raising a child with DS was a lifeline for me. I remember one of them saying you may feel like your heart has been torn from you now but it will be handed back to you ten times as big and gold-plated when your child is born. She was being humble. Enjoy your pregnancy and congratulations on your upcoming blessing.


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