Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to school...

Yep, that's right, school is already in for us because we're on a year round schedule!  Believe it or not we all love it!  Hard to believe that my little Harper is already in kindergarten though!  And Miss Ainsley is now a savvy second grader!  Such big girls;)

Both girls got their hair chopped before school and both are happy with their new looks...

Harper went right into her class and started working.  No tears from anyone.  She loves school!

My girls are growing up!

So for now it's just me and B for the next month and then it's his turn!!  It's been me and B for 3 years now so there will definitely be some tears...maybe not from him but from this mommy, for sure;(


  1. adrienne, it was the same for me...lots of tears from me, not william. i know i will cry again this year too and of course he will give me a push and say Go mom, as if I were cramping his style, sheesh!

    your girls look precious, our school starts on the 8th of aug. UGH! getting my printouts ready. I wish we were year round, what so many people dont realize is less burnout, spread out breaks and you go the SAME amount of days:)

  2. So sweet! My oldest two sons had their first day of school, too! My oldest son is in second grade, and the other one is in kindergarten - so it looks like we're living the same stage of life right now! Your kids are beautiful. Enjoy these milestones!

  3. I love the girls' hair! So cute! As a kindergarten teacher, I'm so glad Harper is excited about it. :) I'm sure Bennett (and you, Mom) will adjust~ it will be good for him. :) Happy school year!
    I start teacher meetings this Thursday and next week. Our kids start the 13th, so we're only two weeks behind y'all.

  4. Adrienne, your precious family is one of my favs to "witness" growing up. Those sweet girls and their sassy new hair :). LOVE!!! And Bennett, stop being so darn cute buddy! You're killing me with your toddler style :) enjoy your time with little man!!!

  5. Love the new do's. We just cut Piper's off too. So much easier!


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