Thursday, March 3, 2016

Transformation Thursday!

Meet Erica Z! 6 months ago she had no idea about these amazing products!!... 

"I'll be honest. I haven't wanted to post a recent update because I haven't started working out yet. I realized this is still powerful, just because of that. I haven't worked out and I'm still so much better off than in the first picture. I can't believe how I've been able to live my life, indulge (more than I should) and not spend anytime in a gym, but maintain such great results. We all know results are based 80% on diet and 20% on exercise (this proves that). It is time for me to take control of that lingering 20% problem and I'm excited to post that transformation. I'm so grateful for this life that I never knew existed only 6 months ago. I'm so happy that I wasn't a skeptic, I was willing to try this because I knew I got my money back if I didn't like it. There was no risk involved. Just the opportunity to become better than I was the day before. I would of paid thousands of dollars for the results that cost me less than $10/day. Because of this change in me, I'm no longer hiding behind my kids in photos, I'm no longer picking up overtime to get by, I'm not missing out on my kids events. I'm for once, LIVING MY LIFE! Thank you to all that have joined me. I'm so proud of all of you. We are all better than we were the day before and what more could we ask for." 

Awesome job Erica!! 

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