Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How can it be....

How can it be that in just 2 weeks my baby boy will be off to school?  And not just some "Mother's Morning Out" program or a preschool that keeps him a couple of times a week for a few hours.  No, no.   We're talkin' all day, every day (M-F) people.  Just like regular school.

How can I be sending this sweet little guy off all day, every day?  What on earth am I going to do without my bub?  So now I'm tearing up.  Trying to hold it together.

Bennett's teacher called and will be out to visit us next week along with her assistant and the speech therapist at the school.  You see, I "chose" to send Bennett to a "special" preschool.  I say "chose" because it's not that easy to get into this school.  And this may surprise some in the Down syndrome community that I've chosen this route...

"Don't you want him around typically developing peers?"
"Our kids learn from typical kids not other kids like them."
"You want him fully included later on don't you?"

Well maybe I'm going against the grain here but this is not just any "special" school and while I don't feel like I need to defend my reasonings I will share why I chose this school another day.

For now I'm going to cherish these last few weeks with my most precious baby boy.

I mean I know I'm extremely biased but this kid is seriously like a baby doll.  I just love him to pieces.

Enter lots of tears now.

So September 5th won't be easy for me but I know in my heart this is just the beginning of something huge for Bennett and our family.  I can't wait to see it all unfold.  


  1. He has grown so much!! I agree, he is a baby doll!! Praying for you and Bennett during this time of transition. I know God will do great things.

  2. You make the choices that are right for Bennett, and for your family. That's what all good parents do! ;)
    I cry every year on the first day of school.

    Where are Bennett's shoes from? (jtomasrogers@ ) LOVE them...and him. So precious!

  3. What a little cutie! Emily started special needs preschool this week, we chose the same way for her because we felt like (for this year anyway) that she would get the attention and help she needs so that she can be successful in kindergarten a few years from now. We make our decisions year by year and base them on what Emily needs and who best can provide for her...and it sounds like the school you chose will do that for Bennett :-)

  4. You and Mike made the best choice! it will be such an exciting year with so much growth and new opportunities for all of you! love, Mom

  5. I don't think it's every so cut and dried and simple as a one-size-fits-all approach with kids and school.

    Glad you found what you think is going to work for you all!

  6. Oh my gosh he seems so big with that backpack! On that first day of school... don't forget the kleenex!!

  7. So EXCITED for Bennett! Wishing him luck and mommy too. It will be a change, but hopefully a good one...He is such a cutie pie.
    Jacob will be starting school on the 5th also. He will go 1/2 days, M-F in a classroom with other children with special needs. Very excited for him, but again, nervous too. Best of Luck!

  8. I used to teach Prek special needs. I loved, loved it and miss it everyday!

  9. My baby starts preschool two weeks from today & I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it! Good luck to you & Bennett. I'm sure that he'll do great! :)

  10. Praying for you ....what a big step! Bennett will love preschool, and he will change so much in one year. I am an ECDD preschool teacher and I make my room exactly like Every other preschool....just add the supports my sweet little ones need to be successful :) excited for little man's new journey!!!

  11. Having choices is key, one size does NOT fit all. Help others find their best fit too! Good luck!! It's tough to see kids so small go to school, I hope it's a good experience for you all. Change is hard! I hope you can help in class!!

  12. Thinking of you. Bennett looks all ready with his backpack. I'm sure it will be great fun for him. Good luck!

  13. Why does he need to go and not stay home?

  14. Hi It's Wendy from Naples FL. :) So excited for you and Bennett! He is always an inspiration to us.. Can't wait to see your year unfold as well. Enjoy your last few weeks! Jesse just had his OHS two weeks ago and is doing amazing..

  15. Can't wait to hear about your reasons!! My son is only 6 months & I am already researching everything I can get my hands on!
    Bennett is beyond precious!! Can't wait to watch him grow thru your blog & iG!

  16. Can't wait to hear about your reasons!! My son is only 6 months and I am always looking for new perspectives!!!

    Bennett is beyond precious!! Can't wait to watch him grow & flourish thru your blog & IG!


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