Monday, December 12, 2011

I have a favor to ask you...

I  REALLY need you to very simply vote for my friend Melissa, as she is currently in first place to win $100,000 for The Ikea Life Improvement Project!!  Her project means a lot to me because it's for her son's preschool and what we hope will be Bennett's preschool next fall.  Go here if ya just want to vote for it and skip my reasoning for why you need to do it;):

But if you still need a reason why:  The school is called The Frankie Lemmon School and it's a preschool for children with special needs.  Now, I've thought long and hard about where I want Bennett to go and why I want him going to a particular school.  Believe me people, I analyzed it to death.  And in my heart, this is truly where I think Bennett will succeed, learn, grow and get prepared for kindergarten.  It was a simple decision with the girls but it hasn't been with Bennett.  There are sooo many other factors that go into the decision with him.

So Melissa plans to donate the money for technology such as ipads (they already use these in the classes but need more), more education for the teachers that work with these great kids and a website to help other teachers across the country that also work with kids with special needs.  Melissa was a teacher herself so she knows what teachers need.

The Frankie Lemmon School is truly a wonderful place.  If she wins, this money will help it be an even better place for these awesome children!

So just vote for it, will ya?!  It takes 10 seconds!!  Here is the direct link again:

Don't forget to confirm your email address after you vote the first time {Only the first time you vote do you have to confirm it but you can vote every day!!!:)}

You won't get spam and you won't get contacted.  Just vote!!  Voting ends DECEMBER 23rd!!

Vote, Vote and Vote again!!!!

I'll be sure to remind you again though!

Thanks so much to all who have already voted!!  Melissa and The Frankie Lemmon school are overwhelmed with all the love!!


  1. These schools can be such a wonderful place for children with special needs and their families. My daughter attended a wonderful pre-school for children with special needs and I honestly don't know what I would have done without them. I gladly voted for your friend!! Best wishes to you both!!

  2. What a fantastic project! I will go vote :)

    Nikki - blog design to change the world - my personal blog, special needs month

  3. Voted! And how awesome that B may get to go there!!! Lucky! Hope she wins!

  4. You should go into interior design


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