Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will You Read This?

I need you to read this. Because this is worth reading.

I really need you to read it and although you may not think it's a big deal, if you put yourself in my shoes, you'll know it's a BIG DEAL. It's written by an awesome mom who loves her daughter and wants others to realize that one word, a word that is so casually used, can hurt to the core.

It's hard to explain but when I hear this word it gives me a sick feeling. It stops me in my tracks. I AM NOT BEING TOO SENSITIVE. You have to put yourself in other people's shoes. If you had a child like Bennett, you would feel EXACTLY the same way. Just take my word for it.

So please, read Brenda's post, it will just take a minute. Really think about what this word means and then picture my sweet Bennett. Picture people that cannot defend themselves against this word.

And then remove the word from your vocabulary.


  1. so i have a genuine question, which i hope you're willing to answer given that i'm seriously trying to learn & not being argumentative or disrespectful.

    two questions, actually.

    first, what word do you replace it with, and tying into that, does it hurt when used "legitimately"? i understand not throwing it around & things like what brenda wrote about the facebook status. but if you were talking to someone & trying to explain their issues, isn't "retarded" an accurate term to describe retarded (i.e. delayed or restrained) development? i seriously want to know so i can understand.

  2. Great post. I loved that she too caught herself saying "re... diclous." I so did that too.

  3. Go check out this video
    I saw it a blog yesterday and it goes perfectly with your post.

  4. No, you're not being too sensitive. I hate that word.

  5. I honestly don't think most people think of down syndrome when they say that word - just the same that when people use the word "b*tch" (sooooooooo sorry!) they don't think of a female dog. I'm not sticking up for the word at all... I'm just saying that most people (I hope) have no idea or even think that they might be offending someone.

    I have caught myself saying it. I'm not proud of that... but I do stop and cringe a little after. It takes awhile to break habits.

    It really is a lot like the "N" word - isn't it? I can't even bring myself to TYPE that one.

  6. The fact that people aren't thinking of who the word is designed to indicate is why it's even more important to educate it's true meaning and who it affects. I also feel a shot straight to the heart when I hear this word. I simply CHOOSE not to respond by freaking out, but I cannot CHOOSE to not be affected. As for what words to substitute? How about what you really mean? What is so frustrating about the use of this word is that there are SO MANY other words that more accurately describe what a person is trying to say instead of a using a slang word that is designed to put people down. And P.S. I am not personally offended when the term is used in the clinical sense. It's when it's used as a term to put yourself or someone else down that it stings...


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