Let The Decorating Begin!

Can you believe it's that time of the year again!?  Now, I haven't started to drag out my decorations from the attic but I'm definitely thinking about how I want to decorate this year and I've decided to go with a burlap theme!  We're in a new and different house so I'm changing things up a little!  Can't wait to share!

So I was out shopping with Bennett {my usual shopping companion;)} and we saw this simple wreath with a monogram and holly.  I turned it over to see the price and it was $56!  It was once again one of those "oh please, I can make that myself" moments.  So with a touch of burlap, I did;)

Here's my version!  So simple but I think it makes a nice statement.  I plan on having garland all around the door so maybe a less elaborate "wreath" will be better.

Here's how I made it:

It's not rocket science, just a cheap mdf letter from Michaels, glue gun {of course}, holly from Michaels and burlap garland or ribbon.  I found this burlap ribbon at Michaels as well and it will be perfect to add to my green garland but I'm wanting the wired ribbon to make more bows so I ordered that from Ballard Designs and I'm waiting for it's arrival.  The ribbon should be easier to manipulate into a bow as well for other wreaths.

Just cut the holly off and glue!  Fill in the spaces and you're done!  Depending on the letter of your last name you may have to get creative with how you hang your ribbon from the letter.

So that's my first little tid bit of decor.  I'm busy painting most of the downstairs this very pale blue (totally different color scheme for me) and I love it!  Can't wait to have everything in it's place and ready for the holidays!!

Stay tuned!


Many have asked about hanging those tricky letters like L, M, H and W.  Again, you will have to get creative but here's what I suggest for the letter L:

 I would either hot glue or use a staple gun to attach the burlap (to the back of the L) and give yourself enough burlap to then make a big bow. I'm not sure by I'm thinking it would hang straight and not be uneven.

For those letters that have 2 points  {for lack of better words}:

You could decorate the H, M, W etc. with holly berries and then get a basic stick wreath and hot clue jute string to the top of each point on the 2 pointed letter {lol} and then tie it around the letter and then add a burlap bow, an extra step but not expensive.  I've done this before for a wreath I made for my sister:

This was for fall so of course you wouldn't have all the extra stuff on the side, just the stick wreath, the holly berry letter and a big burlap bow.  Still simple but a way to hang that tricky letter.  

The letter I purchased at Michaels for the holly berry letter wreath was a black MDF letter and it's 12x11 in size.   

Hope this helps!!


Our Halls Are Decked...

Our tree is trimmed...

and so is our bed;)

Our candles are lit.

Our stockings are hung.

Our cards have been mailed out and new ones are arriving.  

It's Christmas time in this house and Santa Claus is comin' to town;)


A cure for the winter {decorating} blues....

It's called post-Christmas-decor depression.  At least that's what I call it.  You take down all the holiday decor and your house feels bare.  The holidays are over and you're wondering what to do now.  Some of you don't even really decorate for the holidays anymore  or don't celebrate it so you're ahead of the rest of us-no post-Christmas-decor blues for you!  But for those of us that went crazy with our garland, wreaths, bows, and whatever else we found on pinterest;) here's my little "pick me up":

Nature!  Go outside and bring it in!  Snow {epson salt!} and pine cones-why not?  Also...pops of color-I'm loving light blue and red right now and probably always will.

White is always refreshing, wintry but still warm.

I saw this on pinterest {where else?!} and since we have a MILLION pine cones in our yard, I thought it would be an easy fix for my windows that once had glittering ornaments hanging but looked so bare after the holidays.  I just gathered the pine cones, got my jute string that I use for pretty much everything, hot glued the string to the cones and attached it all to the window with a clear thumb tack.  Simple, natural decor.

Here's more of my pops of color-red against blue.  The walls are a very light blue by the way, which is very hard to tell with the lighting of these pics-more on the color in a few.

I adore silhouettes and these were so inexpensive and capture my kids right down to Harper's little button nose-love it!

Of course I didn't forget my bub, Bennett;)

Here's the family room, de cluttered from all the holiday decor.  I'm keeping the wintery red/snowflake pillows because they make me happy and will probably change them out for a more nautical look come spring or maybe chevron because if you ask me you can never go wrong with chevron.  The white pillows stay because white goes with everything!

So I'd like to change out the dark wool rug for something much lighter but just can't seem to find what I'm looking for that's not too pricey and good for dogs and kids!  Any suggestions??  I'm looking for something less traditional (I'm thinking big stripes) and basically cheap but still stands up to stains-lol, help me out people!

The other side.  See how different the blue walls look from this angle?

More nature for you and an awesome little, silver set from my grandmother.

And the view from the kitchen.

This is probably my favorite house we've had so far {this is our fifth one btw} and not because it's the biggest {it isn't} or the newest {it isn't} or the one with the nicest appliances or the trendiest light fixtures {it isn't} but because it fits our family the best.  It's warm, it's homey, it's solid, and we're truly comfortable in this home.

Here's the color I used for most of the downstairs.  It's called "In Your Eyes" from Benjamin Moore and I'm soooo happy with it!  Using blue in the main living area was a big change for me but it's been a "dream" of mine so I'm glad I took the leap from my old color palette of green and gold.  So much lighter and brighter for me.  I swore I wouldn't paint another house because Ihate painting but I just couldn't help myself!

Oh and I've been meaning to share a very small project of mine {another pinterest inspired one}-the numbered stairs!  No, I did not paint them!  I paid $12 for these cool vinyl stickers and while it took a while to get them centered and straight {still not sure if they are}, I think they're so fun.

I've got lots of decorating goals in this house this year but hoping not to spend much.  One last thing I want to share, a little goal of mine:  to add more pictures like these....

I just love old pictures but especially ones that actually have meaning.  My dad.

Enough said, period.

My heart could burst with pride.  Okay, I know, enough said.

My mom and me (in the stroller) in the Netherlands.  I think we look so much alike when I see her in this picture and I love her style.  My mom has always been quite the fashionista.

So I want to incorporate older family pictures in with the new ones.

I hope this has inspired you some to use what you have if possible, throw in some pops of color (take some risks!), bring in the nature, and mostly decorate your home with things that makeyou and your family happy!


So my current favorite "splash of color" would have to be turquoise/aqua/teal/robin's egg blue.  There are so many variations of this fun blue!  

A while back I decided the dining room needed a change.  It was boring and too traditional.  The brass chandelier was not cutting it for me and while I wanted to purchase a whole new one, other big purchases were made so the chandelier was put on hold.  But I couldn't stand it anymore.  It made me cringe every time I walked by it so I got my paint brush out and went to town...

Here she is, in all her glory... my turquoise chandelier.  Oh how I love her so.  She just needed a little face lift.  Brass be gone!  I added some shades and did a little Pottery Barn knockoff with the jute string around the shades.  {Just hot glue folks!}

A closer look.

I also took down the white blinds and added bamboo shades and since I had extra fabric from theporch makeover I made some curtains. I discovered some chevron fabric in the attic and added some pillows (you can see them in the first picture).  Just nice little pops of turquoise-takes a more formal/boring room to a new level.

Another shot- you can see that I carry the turquoise into the play room-I'm crazy for turquoise!

How could I forget?  We must see a before!  So here's your before. So much better don't ya think?

Here's some more turquoise- these lamps were a grayish blue {from Lowes} and while they were nice I wanted them to be funkier.  The shades are from Lowes too.  I'm telling you, Lowes has stepped it up in the decorating department!  {This little table by the way gets a whole new look in an upcoming blog post...stay tuned!}

Yep, I would have to say my decorating style is Traditional/Funky with a tiny bit of Shabby Chic.   Totally made up.  Because I'm not modern, not contemporary, not totally traditional.  And too much shabby chic scares me because I'm a neat freak and shabby chic can look sloppy if it's over done, in my opinion.

Traditional /Funky with a tiny bit of Shabby Chic;)

Anyways, more turquoise decor in the playroom!  {Mirror from Tuesday Morning} {Chevron curtains from etsy}

And I went a little crazy and painted the back of the cabinets in the kitchen as well as those 4 knobs.  Again, traditional/funky;)

So what's your decorating style?  Wanting to change it up?  Go for it!  Pick a fun color and run with it!


  1. Some lovely ideas thanks for sharing :)

  2. You have amazing ideas! I would have thought you for an interior decorator which is my passion and what i want to be one day (im only 22). But i can't wait to see new post you add!

  3. Love it ALLLLL.. Thanks for the after Christmas Blues..Decorating Ideas


  4. saw your "D" wreath in LHJ, and loved it. Gonna make one for year-round and cover mine in moss, I think. Cute house cute home and adorable son. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love your ideas and funky style. Thanks for sharing!


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