*Special Needs*

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I started this blog after we found out our son would be born with Down syndrome.  It was discovered  through an amniocentesis when I was 18 weeks pregnant. We've learned so much since then (almost 3 years ago) and we want to share some tid bits with you!

  • Down syndrome is basically a chromosomal disorder that occurs at conception.  It is not certain what causes it but nothing a mother does or doesn't do during pregnancy causes Down syndrome.  Increase in age at time of conception (over the age of 35) can increase the chance of a woman having a baby with Down syndrome.  I happened to be 30 though when Bennett was conceived. 
  • While most of us have 46 chromos, sweet Bennett has 47;)  He has 3 copies of the 21st chromosome to be exact.
  • This triplication of the 21st chromo {Trisomy 21} throws things off in the body and can cause intellectual delays as well as general developmental delays.  
  • It is very common for people with Down syndrome to have certain facial characteristics ie:  almond shaped eyes, broad nose and shorter stature.  
  • People with Down syndrome are very much like every other human.  They are not "Downs", "Down syndrome children", or "Downs babies".  They are simply people or children or babies that have Down syndrome.  We do not refer to our son as a "Downs baby" or a "Down syndrome child", we refer to him as "Bennett".  He is a little boy first and foremost and he happens to have Down syndrome.
  • Today there are so many opportunities for people with Down syndrome.  Early intervention is key for young children and many can go on to be fully included in school, graduate from high school and attend college.  
  • The word "retard" or "retarded" is no longer used in the medical profession to describe people with Down syndrome or anyone with an intellectual delay and the slang use of this word is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE.  WE HOPE YOU'LL FIND ANOTHER WORD TO DESCRIBE HOW YOU WEREN'T CAPABLE OF COMPLETING A TASK OR WHEN YOU FIND SOMETHING TO BE RIDICULOUS;)  
Thanks so much for taking the time to read these little facts about DS.  "Our Unexpected Journey" is by no means all about Down syndrome.  It's about our life with 3 kids.  We have good days, we have not so good days.  But Down syndrome does not define our lives.  I suppose it adds a little flare and it gives our family some character.  We wouldn't change our lives for anything.