Sunday, June 30, 2013

A long overdue update….

Good grief it's been a month since my last post!  And I've missed so many WWIW's!;)  We've been busy around here lately so I'll update you with what's been going on….

Bennett finished up his first year of preschool and I couldn't be happier with where he is and how he's done.  He has grown up so much this past year (both physically and emotionally), and although I still feel like he's tiny everyone always tells me how tall he's getting.  Makes me laugh because he's still super tiny compared to his typically developing peers;).

He's talking so much more, eating great, starting to read-I'll have to share this soon-it's very basic reading but it's reading none the less and it's a start.  He understands so much more and way more than we sometimes give him credit for.

Mike and I went to Puerto Rico with his company and had a great time!  My mom and Mike's parents held down the fort and did an awesome job!  I was so nervous to leave them because I've never left all of them for a week but they were fine and it was nice to take a vacation without the kids for once!!

Bennett participated in his first vacation bible school last week and I was so happy that he could be with the 4-5 year olds instead of the nursery.  I made sure he had extra help in his class (I was volunteer coordinator;)) and the girls that helped in there were absolute angels.  So thankful for them!  And Bennett totally surprised me the last night with standing up with everyone and performing.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Here's a video of him performing the last night of vbs….

The girls finished up second grade and kindergarten a few days ago!  They have done wonderful this year and really are good students.  They love learning and being with their friends.  Hope this continues!  Here they are ready for the last pep rally of the year…

Summer swim team is half way through and I am so proud of Ainsley and Harper for working so hard every day!  I watch them and honestly don't know how I ever did it for 16 years.  They are way better than I was at their age and it's fun to see them get excited about learning how to dive, learning new strokes and even win some of their heats;).  Ainsley is super competitive (not sure where she gets that from;)) but she doesn't realize "practice makes perfect"  and with swimming, unfortunately there needs to be lots of practice!!

Bennett had a rough start to the swim season due to a nasty cold but he's loving the water again and is a little too comfortable with it if you asked me.  But I am glad he loves the pool and hopefully some day he can be on the swim team too!

Since the girls are tracked out for July we're headed to my mom's house for some good family time as well as a beach trip to Myrtle Beach!

After all the vacations we're going to try these with lil' man…

Yikes!!  Wish me luck!

That's all for now.  I'll be back with more WIWW's and hopefully some decorating updates as well!