Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leaving PA....

I know I've said this before and I know everyone goes through hard times but the last 3 years, we've been through some hard times. We will never forget the families and people we met.

I have to thank the Bordners, the Burkes, the Hipperts, the Kaufmanns, the Kaspers and all the moms in my mom's group. These people know what they did for our family during really hard times whether it be with Bennett or my dad. They cooked for us, they watched our kids, they prayed for us, they were our personal doctors ;), they called us, they were simply our friends. Oh....and they loved Bennett, many before he was even born. Seriously, the love these people showed was amazing.

Honestly every family or mom I came in contact with in our little town, I will never forget because they were so kind to us. So if we exchanged words at any time during our 3 years there, thank you for being so very kind!

Here are just some of the people and memories that touched our lives over the last 3 years...

The SA Family! Love you all! other city like it.

The Northeast.

One word...SNOW.

What that sweet extra chromosome brought together. Love it.

Sweet Ginger. Love ya!

My gals.

The McConnells! They're expecting their baby any day!

Okay, the McConnells are hilarious but here's a better pic of them;)lol.

Wonder woman Renee;) Seriously.

My dad holding Bennett the day he was born in Allentown, PA. Miss you dad. Oh, how I miss you.

This.Is.Love. Nikki with B.
Preschool friends! Harper and Addison.

Sweet Colin, we will miss you and your family!

My close girlfriends, my SA group;), I will miss you so much!! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

We also need to thank my mom, Mike's parents, Mike's brother and his wife, The Wicksels and the Wilkinsons for making our move much more bearable. Ya'll know what you've done for us and we really appreciate it!!

And now onto another chapter of our unexpected journey.....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Therapy and Crafting...

How on earth do those two things go together? Well they don't but let's just say I've had some extra time on my hands.

I can't believe I'm going to write this but Bennett hasn't been in any real therapy since mid August. But I must say we all needed the break and I don't think he's regressed in any areas. And we've really enjoyed our time together! Lots of just Bennett and mommy time with the girls in school.

He's actually learned a ton more signs, is so darn close to taking that first step it's not even funny and we've been working on matching pictures to pictures and identifying pictures with either words, signs or pointing. Yes, right now I'm his PT, OT and speech therapist;) But I guess I'll always wear those hats.

He's also been my running pal lately and you can clearly see it wears him out;)

But when it's time to take the therapist hat off and all the kids are in bed, what is a crafter to do when she's not in her crafting element? Not craft?

I think it's impossible for me not to do something. Needless to say I've gone a little crafting crazy....

Now you know I had to have something to put out right away at the front door when we move in....2 more days btw!!! (Inspired by Pinterest-love!)

My sister wanted a wreath so I made one for her door.

My sister-in-law mentioned a dress on Etsy that looked like a candy corn and it was one of those-

*Oh I can make that!* moments,

so I did (thanks to my friend Susan's sewing machine) and then had to add ruffled pants to go with:)

And then I made one for my sister-in-law, well not for her but for her little girl;0 The dress really doesn't look dirty it's just the instagram pic effect!

I've been wanting to make a pendant banner and love burlap for fall! And I could stencil just about everything so I made a little banner to hang over the new fire just 2 days!;) (another Pinterest inspiration).

It looks kinda messy but I like it that way. At least that's what I'm telling my perfectionist self right now.

I know, what's wrong with me? I don't know, I just love doing this stuff! Now, will my house be unpacked and decorated by next week? Well...I wish but no, it won't. Will I try my hardest to have it unpacked and decorated? Well...yes-ha!

So while I'm not hot gluing everything in sight or sewing away like a mad women, we have enjoyed visiting with family on the weekends-sooo nice to get away from the hotel!

This past weekend I went back to my mom's to get all of our suitcases while Mike went back up to PA to watch the movers pack up our house, among other things.

We took the girls to an adorable little tea room called Pinkadillies and enjoyed tea and scones...

Harps and I drinking our tea and yes, wearing the hat makes it much more fun!

Poor Bennett had to endure the pretty lace table cloths and the frilly hats...of course the girls had to try a few on him. No Mike, I did not make him wear one, nor did I take a picture;)

So 2 more days, in case you didn't catch that! Can you believe it? 7 weeks folks, I've spent 7 weeks in a hotel with my family. Ahhhh! I am a firm believer in what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

Can't wait to share before and after pics of the house once I get my hands on it!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will You Read This?

I need you to read this. Because this is worth reading.

I really need you to read it and although you may not think it's a big deal, if you put yourself in my shoes, you'll know it's a BIG DEAL. It's written by an awesome mom who loves her daughter and wants others to realize that one word, a word that is so casually used, can hurt to the core.

It's hard to explain but when I hear this word it gives me a sick feeling. It stops me in my tracks. I AM NOT BEING TOO SENSITIVE. You have to put yourself in other people's shoes. If you had a child like Bennett, you would feel EXACTLY the same way. Just take my word for it.

So please, read Brenda's post, it will just take a minute. Really think about what this word means and then picture my sweet Bennett. Picture people that cannot defend themselves against this word.

And then remove the word from your vocabulary.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Going With the Flow...

Well, we've been in a hotel going on 5 weeks now (minus the weekends...thank goodness!!) How we've survived I have no idea but I'm not going to lie, we're all a little grumpy at this point. I think over the last several years though, Mike and I have learned to go with the flow with life in general and the kids have adopted that attitude as well. It's not ideal but it's working and we're almost done.

Last week was a big week for Harper as she started her last year of preschool and her first ballet/tap class! She LOVES both and I'm so happy that she and Ainsley have adjusted to their new schools and teachers.

First day of school!

Giving brother a kiss goodbye.

Her favorite color is purple so I knew she'd be thrilled when she saw her new ballet outfit!

Little cutie;)

I just thought he was too sweet not to get a pic. Poor kid is sleeping in a hotel bathroom but he's got his "doggie" and blanket so all is good!

Bennett should be getting his new services soon. I'm getting a little anxious to start back up with his therapies so hopefully in the next week or two that will happen!

Ainsley started ballet and jazz last week and loves it as well! It was a crazy week and she's such a busy body so I don't get many chances to take pictures of her. Wednesday she will start in an all new class with a new teacher due to too many kids in her current class (we knew this would happen when we registered her...again, going with the flow). She's okay with this and I'm sure she'll adjust fine, all over again.

Deep breath in, long exhale out.

Just go with the flow Adrienne, go with the flow.