Monday, October 19, 2015

Paying It Forward Week!

 Okay, I don't write about this very much on here but the deal being offered on something that has changed my life and so many others is too good to be true.  Many know that I started a nutritional program last March and it has totally changed my life and my family's life in some many ways.

Nearly 4,000 people have joined my team since I started and I've seen countless lives changed by this.  I share with anyone and everyone but haven't done that much on here, until this week!

We're having a HUGE promo this week and I'm paying it forward with even more on these life changing systems.  If you've been watching me on Facebook or have seen the few posts on here and have been curious, this week is the time to reach out!!

I work with people every day to help them reach their goals, wether that be losing weight, gaining energy, putting on lean muscle, or just getting better nutrition and I'd love to help as many as I can with this special promotion!

So this week, every day, I've be showcasing some before and after pics of real people on my team that have had success on this program.  Again, this is NOT a weight loss program, however if you have weight to lose, you WILL  lose it.  I've helped people lose up to 80 pounds and I've helped people gain weight that don't have weight to lose.  I've helped exhausted moms, busy dads, stressed business men and women, children, people in their 80's,  people all across the board.  This is a nutritional program like no other!

I work with you, along with my team and help you through your easy to follow program, but if for whatever reason, you don't like it, then you can send back, no questions asked!

So if you'd like more info. please email me at today!!  The promo last through Sunday and I'm telling you, you don't want to miss out on this!!

Today I'd like to feature 2 sisters:  Lesley and Jacquie.  Lesley was a huge skeptic and tried many different things to lose weight, she finally decided she'd give this a try because with the money back guarantee she knew she could return it if it wasn't for her.  What Lesley found was a total game changer.  Her whole attitude changed, she was feeling better, the weight was falling off and she had more energy to work out, and play with her kids.  Just within 30 days, her body transformed and a year later, she's kept it off, has never felt better and she had to share it with her sister Jacquie.


Jacquie was curious what her sister Lesley was up to and was up for giving it a try.  Jacquie is turning 50 this year, yes, 50 and now feels amazing in her bikini!!  She's got 3 children, 2 in college and has never felt better about the way she feels and looks!  Jacquie is now almost 1 year in and will never stop this nutrition that has changed her for the better.  

Same dress but feeling totally different wearing it the second time!  

So again, if you're the tiniest bit interested in what this is, please reach out to me!  I don't share things unless I'm crazy about them and I've been sharing this like crazy for the last 17 months because I've seen what it has done for my family and for so many others!


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    1. Hi Bethany, you can email me at and I'll send you some info!


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