Friday, May 14, 2010

So Perhaps I have Too Much Time On My Hands... know, to be messing around with a computer camera. Actually, I don't. Not at all. I'm up to my ears in fabric and sewing but the bulk of that happens at night, after the kiddos go to bed. So during the day, while Mike's at work I try my best to spend quality time with each child. I recently discovered the photo booth on our MAC- oh, we've had this since Thanksgiving but I'm not very good with it so yeah, I just discovered it.

Can I just tell you that it's the best because as a mom when do we ever
get to be in the picture with our kids when the husbands are at work? And even when the husband is home, I'm still behind the camera! So I found out the Bennett absolutely loves doing this and gets a big kick out of seeing himself on the computer screen. Here's just some of the fun we've had...

I just love this one of him sucking his little thumb all snuggled up in his mama's arms with his butterball arms and legs! I just don't have enough of these but now with this I can get one every month and I can fix my hair just how I want it right before I take the shot-LOL;)

Yep, he loves it.

So I got Harper into the "photo booth" too and she had a blast as well...

This little girl can make some funny faces I tell you.

Then we switched it to the effects where you can distort your face or as Harper says "make two Harpers and two mommies!" Too funny!

I haven't had Ainsley in the "photo booth" but I will and I'm sure she'll love it.

So if you have a MAC, spend some quality time with your kids and enter the "photo booth".:)

Oh and I meant to tell you all that I took Bennett back to the doctor for a check up (he had bronchitis). Well the week before this he weighed 18.4 at the ped. and then at the check up he was 19.4 so maybe we don't have a weight problem after all! Maybe he will make it to 20lbs before his big day! Thanks for all your comments about that.
Also to the commenter that asked where I got Bennett's fan that's attached to his stroller-Babies-R-Us.


  1. Your kids are the cutest! We've had a lot of fun using skype via the video camera on our computer. We record messages for people and call up the grandparents far away. It's a lot of fun, but I'll have to look for the double image function you found!!

  2. So CUTE. I think I need to get a Mac. Seriously. My computer DOES NOT rock.
    Can't wait for the shorts! =)

  3. What a very cool computer feature! I loved the pics!!!

  4. It's true. We don't get many pictures, being the mom and photographer. It's know I'm not a super-model and want my picture taken but I wanna at least remember I was around. Ha! I have a mac, too and love the idea of using the photo booth each month. The pics of you with Bennett are so sweet. You'll cherish those for years to come.

  5. What a neat feature! Bennett just keeps getting cuter and cuter, how is that possible?

  6. I love it! Bennett's smiles are the cutest. How nice to get some one-on-one photos w/ B and your precious daughter.

  7. I love those photos- Bennett's smiles are priceless, and Harper is such a character. Great idea- I'm never in any photos either.

  8. Oh my goodness! Is it possible for that little boy to get cuter and cuter by the picture?!? I LOVED them! His smiles are the best-what a guy!


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