Wednesday, May 29, 2013


pleated poppy

Scarf:  Target
Tank:  Target
Skirt:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Target

Dress:  Me!
Necklace:  local boutique
Shoes:  H&M

Scarf:  Me
Tanks:  Target
Shorts:  Target

Memorial Day cookout!
Dress:  Me!  Yes, I went a little crazy a while back after I found that tutorial.  I had all this extra fabric and I got the tank tops either from my draw or from Walmart.  These are very easy to make but with different heights and sizes you really need to try it for yourself.  
Shoes:  Target
Necklace:  Etsy

If you're interested in a lightweight, knit scarf you can check out my facebook scarf album here.


  1. I love the homemade dresses! I'm currently in the process of making a dress for myself right now. It's always scary, wondering if it will actually fit when you're all done.

  2. Oh my I love every outfit. I wish I could make something like that too! You look amazing!!

    Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wednesday. I'm giving away a $100 gift card.

  3. Your scarves are amazing! As a scarf addict, I am in LOVE.

  4. Hi again. I love all outfits but I think my favorite is the last one. You got some great Bubble Necklaces & Cute Scarves. And I just left you a comment on your son's 1st Birthday Post. He just celebrated his 4th now right? Many many more to him. =)

  5. You are really talented! I love both dresses that you made, that style looks so fresh and comfortable. The yellow skirt at the top is really pretty too! I'm loving all the bright colors here!

  6. that red chevron dress is AMAZING. you look so darling. i love it!


  7. Love your style. Especially impressed with the yellow skirt and white top. I would never even have thought of how to style that - it really looks terrific! Enjoyed your blog.

  8. I'm loving the lace skirt on the first photo and the chevron skirt on the last one. You look amazing! <3

    By the way, I've updated my blog with a new post. I'd love for you to swing by :)

  9. Oh I love that chevron skirt! Adorable and such a fun pop of color. Such cute looks!

  10. I love that red chevron fabric, so cute! Plus, it'll look great again on the 4th (unless you'll be with the same people...)
    I love those sandals too! I've gone a bit sandal crazy lately and bought a quiet a few from They have some really cute styles.

  11. I love all of your different printed items! So cute!


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