Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday...

pleated poppy

Well after viewing these, I realize I'm scarf crazy and I'm crazy about the same scarves….

Scarf:  Target
Sweater: (This is actually a maternity sweater that I've always loved because it's long and light weight, black so it goes with everything)  Target
Shirt:  J-Crew 
Jeans:  Marshalls
Shoes:  Target

Top half:  Target
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes:  TOMS

Scarf:  Target
Shirt:  Marshalls
Tank:  Target-picked it up in the maternity section because they are super long and I like that;)
{Can't believe I wear maternity clothes.}
Leggings:  American Apparel
Shoes:  TOMS

Scarf:  Chevron-♥ it!  Target
Polka dot shirt:  Old Navy
Loving that bright tank from the maternity section at target!
Sweater:  Belk
Jeans:  Seven
Boots:  Frye

Scarf:  Target
Sweater:  H&M
Jeans:  Target
Boots:  Old Navy

Top half is from Target;)
Jeans:  Seven
Boots: Frye


  1. I LOVE all of your outfits!!! That first one is just fantastic, with those electric blue pants and leopard top!! And aren't American Apparel leggings the BEST?!


  2. I love all of the bright colors, as well as the grays! And your scarves are awesome. I'm a scarf freak too...I have way too many. They're just the perfect addition to any outfit. You wear them well!

  3. I enjoyed doing some catching up on your blog today. My fave is the denim shirt with green underneath. Great color combo. Your wreaths are gorgeous!

  4. I'm in love with your big knit scarf. I've been looking for that kind of scarf for so long but haven't found the perfect one yet. I better get on it before it gets too cold!

  5. Love your scarves. Great outfits.

    Wreaths look beautiful. You are busy!! :)


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