Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday....

pleated poppy

I missed last week so I've got a bunch;)  

 Sweater:  Old Navy
Turtle Neck:  Target
Orange Pants (they look kinda red in this pic):  H&M
Belt:  Target
Shoes:  Target
Necklace:  Old, fake pearls that I made longer by adding ribbon-saw it on Pinterest;)

Sweater:  Target
Turtle Neck (told ya I liked turtle necks!):  Target
Jeans:  Sevens
Shoes:  Can't see them but they are fushia and they're from Target...of course.
Necklace:  Amour Boutique

 This was church...
Sweater:  Target
Shirt:  Marshalls
Skirt:  Banana Republic
Boots:  Michael Kors
Belt:  Target
Necklace:  Vestique

I'm all about bright colors this fall/winter!
Sweater:  Target
Turtle Neck (another TN!):  Target
Pants:  Marshalls
Scarf:  Old, not sure
Shoes:  Target

So I got my hair done and in the next pic you can see or maybe you can't but I sure can, that I'm not as blonde...

I tried going darker with some lowlights and I'm not a fan.  I will be going back to blonde shortly:)

Sweater:  Anthropologie
TN-okay, I didn't realize I liked them this much!!:  Target
Skinny Cords:  Old Navy
Belt:  Target
Shoes:  Old Navy
Necklace:  Madison
I like the different shades of purple in this outfit- I find myself doing that a lot recently with other colors...

Like this one!  Different shades of blue and purple.
Everything is from Target except the shoes:  Old Navy.  Love this sequin top and so did my girls;)

So I hope over the last few months or so you've seen that you can get some really cute things at cheap prices.  I only have a handful of items that are on the more expensive side.  And I need to point out that some of the shoes, scarves, and shirts I wear are from seasons past, I just try to change them up.

If I had to give advice on what to invest in when it comes to clothes it would be:

A good pair of jeans, you don't need a million of the expensive ones but you will really notice the difference in fit and wear and tear with the high end jeans.


A good pair of boots.

Also, to add just a little more to an otherwise plain outfit...add a fun scarf.  It will make a big difference;)

Other than that...I will see you at Target;)


  1. LOVE all your colored pants! I need more scarves in my wardrobe. I'm loving all the polka dots too! Glad I found you from the WIWW linkup!

  2. love the first and third! great looks! xo annalizbeth

  3. I wish I was more adventurous with color like you are! Super cute.

  4. I like your 'new' hair; it makes your skin glow and your eyes pop - you look younger!

  5. such cute outfits! all of them are awesome:) I love how you wore the bubble necklaces, thanks for the inspiration! I have a yellow one and never know what to pair it with:)

  6. I just love when you post :)

    Pretty hair, I like it... looks more wavy/curly??

    What are your favorite brand/make/style of jeans?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

    1. Hi Sara! My hair is actually naturally curly but I straighten it often. I've recently been curling it with a curling iron because my real curls are not acting right-probably because I straighten my hair too much!;)

      As far as jeans go: I like Citizens of Humanity, Seven Jeans, Joe's Jeans, True Religion, Banana Republic. I haven't purchased any expensive jeans in over a year because once I find the cut and style I like I stick with that. I like skinny jeans right now and flare legs with flats. I also like boyfriend jeans but I always get those at old navy or target.

      Hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!


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