Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday....

Time again for WIWW!

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pleated poppy

This week I added some animal print and winter white into some of my outfits and it even felt like fall for the most part!  Have to admit I felt like I was breaking some fashion rule by wearing white jeans after Labor Day but they're actually "off white";) and all the fashion mags are saying it's okay to wear white in the winter!  So here we go...

Sweater:  Target
Tank:  Old Navy
Skirt:  Target
Shoes:  Gap
This outfit was super comfy!

 Tank:  Target
Leopard Scarf:  Target
Jeans:  Sevens
Shoes:  Target
Earings:  Target
Bracelet:  Stella & Dot
Still 80 degrees out in October!

Hello Fall! Nothing like a 20 degree drop the next day!
Rain Coat (it's actually cream colored;)):  Michael Kors
Shirt:  Target
Pants:  Target
Shoes:  Old Navy
Black flats would look cute with this too but I wanted to add a pop of color and nothing pops better than red!

I don't know why I'm standing like this.  Told you, I'm no model, lol.
Coat, Scarf, and Turtle Neck (can't believe it was cold enough for a turtle neck!) Target
Jeans:  Banana Republic
Shoes:  TOMS

Sweater, Shirt, and Jeans:  Old Navy
Boots:  DSW
Necklace:  Vestique

And just for fun I'm featuring Bennett in WKWW and linking up to:

Sorry bad cell phone pic.
Puffer:  Target
Shirt:  Target
Jeans:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Target

Bennett also likes to get his clothes at H&M;)

Happy Fall Ya'll!

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  1. LOVE your outfits again this week! My favorite is the printed pants with the red shoes!!!!! You always look amazing : )

  2. I LOVE your outfits and like always, look forward to your WIWW post. You always look so put together!! I have to say that the last outfit is my fav, just because it's something that I could see myself wearing.

  3. LOVE your outfits. I love those leopard jeans from Target...they look amazing on you.

  4. Love the bold animal print pants!

  5. I love your leopard print pants! Love the cream jacket and the red pumps with them!


  6. Cute outfits!! I am loving those leopard pants and that polka dot coat is darling!! I am your news follower, stopping by from the pleated poppy! :)
    Check my blog out:

  7. I am so crazy about those leopard pants!!

  8. love those leopard pants!
    visiting via the pleated poppy!

  9. Great job getting dressed this week! Being a mom I know how hard it can be! Your little guy is SO cute!

  10. Okay... Your Target store must be the best stocked target in the country! Your outfits are fabu! I love that you posted Bennet's outfit as well. He always looks adorable.

  11. I love your polka dot coat and your leopard jeans. The red shoes were a great choice! Bennett looks adorable too! What a styling puffy vest and striped top.
    Thanks for linking up this week!


  12. I love all your patterned pieces! Gorgeous! It takes a bold women to pull these awesome pieces off. Bennett is super adorbs, too. That puffer vest is just darling! He looks ready to rumble. :)
    Stopping by from the WIWW on The Pleated Poppy!

  13. Love your WIWW posts!! You give me such great ideas ;) Your outfits are adorable/pretty/amazing. Love all the pops of color.

    So you're an excellent crafter, interior designer, fashionista, and awesome mommy! You go girl!!

    I just ordered two bubble necklaces from Bellum and Rogue.

  14. Enough with looking so stinking cute all of the time!!!


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